One more Addition : Misuse of 498A

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Date: Monday, 25 October 2004
Time: 01:06:46 PM


This is my grievance against use of Section 498 A by the wife. Nowadays wife doesn't want to leave with parents of husband. She needs independent life. We live in a social circle where we respect our parents. The parents who always support and fulfill all the demands from childhood till the time children stands on their feet. Parents Select the girl for the marriage for the children with lot of hope so that their children will live happily and their daughter-in law will also take care of themselves along with his husband in their old age. But now-a-days when girls came to in-laws initial few years were fine because she was living independently with his husband. But when the time comes that she has to leave with in-laws she started creating problems to such an extends and files 498 A case against her husband and in-laws just to put pressure that her independent life will not get vanish. Is there any law who will just look before registering 498 A whether is is truly done or whether she has been real victim of the incidence. In this case she has lodge a false complaint of harassment. The thing is that the day on which she lodged a complaint nobody was present at the home and she was already living with her parents from last two months and suddenly one day she came at the city of in-law and file the complaint against her husband and in-laws for harassment for asking money. It is my humble appeal to please stop this kind of harassment.

Mohd. Kazim Khan.

Dilkhusha Compound,
Bhagyashree Colony Camp,