S. 498 A without Dowry demand

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Date: Friday, 21 January 2005
Time: 06:33:17 PM


I m here to introduce my self as a victim of 498A & 406 not as main Accused but as co-accused, So please excuse me for my mistakes during writing of this details, how today female lust for sex / power / Property, vanishing the faith in men & women relationship, how they using nails given by our systems for their own.

Lady Born on 18 July running own school (Primary) as a capacity of Prop but she was failed in 10th class, but mange to get Graduation certificate by own , she fall in love with my brother for 14 yrs & got married with same in 2002, her father was bed patient having no other male member in that family except him and three or four matured Male servants, before or after marriage they decided (newly wedded couple) to stay in brides house, other two sister were totally against this issue but they can not agree with the youngest sisters decision, but by keeping all the facts that we are local / father illness, they need a manly support in same house , after marriage on father ground she made my brother agree but they start playing with emotions of husband try to convince him to stay away, & not to meet with own parents the whole process start as slow poison, but during that course the father of her went off for long Journey on her birth day. The adjustment / understanding ends here, my brother start pressurising her to come back in matrimonial house of her, but due to greed & family (her own) internal dispute she don't want to come out as she knows if she continue her life in matrimonial house her corrupt minded MOM will give her share other married sisters & school as she is running go to other sister as her mother not really happy with this marriage, even then they all starting mentally torture with my brother at last he left the wife's house 1st week of Dec 2003, then whole family mother sisters & her self start threatening to my brother after see my brother attitude they imposed so many cases with the help of some relative & local police & send him behind the Bars in 107 / 51 case, even these cases bailable offence, officer on duty ignore the fact & Send him JC, & next date of hearing the in same case brother got the discharge from those cases, after finding defeated herself, she approach Delhi women Commission / Crime against women for for get back her Stridhan where the family not given a single penny in as Stridhan. She & her family are use double speak, they filed a case after one & half month, when they came to know from Notice reached to her, then they start playing all the drama before the higher authorities, they try to show or establish as them real victim of modern era of 498A & 406, but with the time all the allegation went contradictory with very new statement  made by her, Now our bail application (anticipatory) pending before before Honourable High Court, justice awaited.


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