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Since this site is still not so old, we need the regular feedback and questions from you, to enable us to prepare the database of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Therefore feel free to ask us the questions that have been in your mind for some time now.

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Q. 10.    Is or are there any different types of Proceedings ? (Visitor Question)

A.10.    There are many different proceedings in the courts of law, which are called as Petitions, Suits, Applications, Execution Applications [Darkhasts], Miscellaneous Applications, Minor Applications [Kirkol applications] etc., however generally every proceeding is conducted in the same manner, by giving the other side full opportunity of being heard in the matter, and in the adversary pattern (i. e. - one party versus another, even if the parties are truly not at loggerheads).

Q11.    What is the latest position on ****** Act? (Visitor Question)

Q12.    I would like to have details of ****** Act and subsequent amendments ? (Visitor Question)

A 11, 12.    We can not answer this kind of query, since the same concerns the entire books of law, which is neither the meaning in word nor in spirit of legal advice; free or otherwise.

Q13.    I wish to engage your services, I also agree on the fees, how do I make payment to you? (Visitor Question)

A13.    As of now we accept payment only in Indian Rupees. The same can be sent in the following manner :

a)    If you are in Mumbai - by either delivering cash at our office or sending a cheque [through courier only] at our office.

b)    If you are located anywhere else in India - through Demand Draft or Bankers' Cheque , making it payable at Mumbai, and dispatching the same through courier.

c)    If you are located outside India - through Demand Draft only, in Indian Rupees, from either any branch of any Indian bank in the nearest country or any other International bank having its offices in Mumbai [There are at least 50 leading international banks operating in Mumbai] making it payable at Mumbai, and dispatching the same through air courier to our office.

Q14.    Are the daughters eligible for equal right of the father property like son? (Visitor Question)

A13.    YES and NO. It basically depends on the kind of property held by the deceased. In case the property is the property of the Joint Hindu Family under the Mitakshara Rules (applicable generally to most parts of North India, including the Eastern and Western parts) the same is and has been since ancestral times been considered as the male bastion, and thus the share of the deceased is only to the extent of his own share, the rest goes to the surviving male members of the family, for such property the girls have no claim except for their maintenance and marriage, which is then the duty of every male member of the family. however the individual share of the property, as if the same had been divided in all the male members of the family just prior of his death, is sharable by all the heirs equally, which obviously includes all the female members like mother, wife (widow) and daughters.

Q15.    What kind of services do you / does your firm provide ? (Visitor Question)

A.15.    Many. Click here to learn more.

Q.16.    How can I change my name ? (Visitor Question)

A.16.    By following some very simple steps.

Q.17.    How can I get married legally & properly ? (Visitor Question)

A.17.    By following some precautions and directions as described.

Q.18.    How do I have my name included in place of my deceased ancestor in the property records ? (Visitor Question)

A.18.    By following some very simple prescribed steps and procedure.

Q.19.    A cheque given to me by somebody has bounced. What do I do? (Visitor Question)

A.19.    By first following the common sense and then of course the  prescribed procedure.

Q.20.    I wish to obtain my Birth Certificate. What do I do? (Visitor Question)

A.20.    By first making the necessary application as described.